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Last year's program included the Environments festival


September 12, 2022​

Featuring performances by:

Goldblum (NL, Kraak)

Floris Vanhoof (Be)

MAG (Se)

John Chantler (Se/Aus)

Copenhagen Clarinet Choir (Dk)

 Damkappelet  (sound work)

Supported by Region Halland

Last year also included a residency and filmed performance by the Norwegian group O:

HELEN LOUISE SOLBERG / acoustic guitar, voice 

INGA MARGRETE AAS / viola da gamba 

TOVE BAGGE / baroque viola 


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Documentation from past events at Andersabo

Sthlm Svaga, live at Andersabo 2020

Susan Santos Silva and Torbjörn Zetterberg, at Brunnsbacka Saw Mill, 2019

Johan Carøe and Sofie Birch, live at Andersabo 2020

Andersabo LP.jpg
You can buy the LP/CD/download of "Andersabo" by John Chantler and Johannes Lund here.
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