Andersabo is a music project which has been run by Jason Dungan since 2016. It is located in a house just outside of Unnaryd, Region Halland, Sweden.

The current focus at Andersabo is the development of new work, collaborations, and dialogues between Nordic musicians. Each project at Andersabo typically consists of a residency of 4-8 invited musicians, who use the house, the barn, and the surrounding landscape to develop their practice. Each residency culminates in a public event, usually a performance in Andersabo's barn or an open house.


Andersabo can be reached by cycle or car from Unnaryd. Unnaryd is reached by car or by bus from Halmstad or Torup. A car journey from Copenhagen takes approximately 3 hours.

The house has no numbered street address, but it is located on a road called Skyttevägen, which goes to Skälsarp. The turnoff is near Lantmannen. There is a link to a map here.

For contact, please email Jason Dungan at