Residency 2 - FRIM Association and Johs Lund

For this residency, there will be 5 musicians from Stockholm who are associated with FRIM,

as well as the Danish reeds player and composer Johs Lund.

FRIM is an association dedicated to supporting improvised music, and has been active in staging concerts in Stockholm for many years, bringing a wide range of international and Swedish musicians together. For the Andersabo residency, there will be Susana Santos Silva, Torbjörn Zetterberg, Casey Moir, Johan Moir, and John Chantler. Danish musician Johs Lund will also take part, working on a collaboration with Chantler.

There will be a live event at Andersabo on Saturday August 24th at 19:00, featuring live music and recordings by the residents. All are welcome to the event, which is free and will also feature some beers and food. Hope to see you there.