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Residency August 2018

Music from Norway and Finland


For the residency at Andersabo, musicians from Finland and Norway shared working and living space, using the house, the barn, and the forest for writing, rehearsing new music, research, and recording.

A concert was performed in Andersabo's barn on 30 August 2018, which featured the residents.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jenny Berger Myhre (NO)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Guoste Tamulynaite (NO)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Marja Ahti (FI)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Niko-Matti Ahti (FI)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Carita Holck (FI)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Niko Karlsson (FI)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Topias Tiheäsalo (FI)

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