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Andersabo and Into the Woods
In December 2018, Danish residents Cecilie Gravesen, Maria Zahle, Pernille Zidore Nygaard, and Aske Zidore lived and worked
at Andersabo, and developed choral works, sound pieces, and poetry in relation to the local environment and people in Unnaryd.
As part of programming the 2019 residencies, we have invited the four residents back to further develop their works, and to make performances as part of the Into the Woods Festival, held here in Unnaryd during August 5-11. Jason Dungan (DK) and Antti Tolvi (FI) have also been invited to be part of this residency and performance series.
The musicians and artists performed around the sites of the festival on August 10. 
Video of the performances will be online soon.
December 2018 residency 
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